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How COVID-19 Has Transformed Online Learning

Updated: May 19, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way everyone is living their life. Plain and simple. However, this is the way our life is, and it is important to be able to adapt to this new environment; especially in terms of education. Here at Up Brainery, we view this sudden change in lifestyle as a tremendous step towards a reformation of the way education is viewed. Through our variety of online classes, DIY kits, and online tutoring, access to education has never been easier. Utilizing artificial intelligence technology neuroscience, and research-based content, UpBrainery is built on a SaaS model with MRR and creates constantly adapting pathways for students as well as powerful assessment data for teachers and parents thus making hyper-personalized learning pathways. It is a true disruptor in the educational market. In other words, with the help of our chief scientist Dr. Mayberry, we have constructed a variety of learning techniques to aid fundamental skills in a way that is comprehensible to all types of learners.

There have been many complaints about the drastic change in online learning during this time. However, our website and programs are easily accessible, as well as a way to keep your children entertained and engaged, while still working with complex curriculum. Many parents have also spoken about how it can also become very easy to become distracted while participating in online activities. With our kits, it encourages students to hands-on learners and creates their own learning right in front of their own eyes. The way our programs are designed creates a learning environment that is completely different from the traditional book study style. They promote fun and aids in taking us away from the fact that we are all stuck inside. Kids need to be able to go out and explore. Our kits bring adventure into your homes.

Through a variety of activities such as cooking to engineering to even computer programing, students are encouraged to not only learn new skills but also see firsthand how these skills can apply to their everyday lives.

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