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Crack the Code of Success for your Kid – Get Coding!

Updated: May 17, 2021

The generation of millennials these days know a lot about computer languages and coding. However, the parents who were born way before the noughties start scratching their heads when it comes to computer programming and coding languages.

Worry not. Read on and we will explain how coding can crack the code of a wonderful future for your children.

So, what exactly is coding?

There has to be a way for humans to communicate what they want the computers to do for them. Coding is simply the language humans use to communicate with computers. It is an intelligent language that can easily be taught. Children can start learning this language at an early age.

Let us give you an idea how teaching coding to children helps them.

So, what would be the ideal age to start teaching kids about coding?

The earlier a kid starts familiarizing himself with coding the better it is. Ideally though, it should be around the age of 6 to 7 that a child is ready to be introduced to coding. The levels of coding languages start from the easiest, Scratch, and keep increasing with the growth of the child. Google even hosts the ‘Code to Learn’ contest where students from class 6 to 12 enter.

E-learning is the way to go!

There’s no specific age to start learning about something new. You could be in your late 60’s or a 6-year-old to be able to learn new things. In the post-pandemic world of today, many things which were not considered normal are now becoming a part of the mainstream. One such thing is online education. Universities, schools, and offices are all operating online now. And coding programs are no exception to this new normal. These coding programs are designed in such a way that they are very simple and attractive for young students. Coding has been made easy and interactive so that it is easier for them to use.

Today, learning coding in your own time and pace has never been easier. The best part about coding is that students can take it up as a side course. A coding student can carry on with their traditional educational programs at schools and colleges and learn coding at the same time.

Is your child getting sufficient enough coding education at school?

There are quite a few differences between learning coding on the sidelines along with the courses that are taught at school and colleges. For one, if your child starts learning coding at a young age it gives them more opportunities as an adult. School level programming classes should be encouraged with the courses of coding that are better than schools. It helps fill up the void that is left by the school system. At school, your child might be missing on one-on-one student-teacher time. There might be less personalized care or a lack of better equipped tools, or even the creative approach might be missing. All these factors together make your kid’s school experience boring.

The flaws in a school taught coding course could be many. For starters, schools only teach these languages when the student is in a bigger grade. And that too, only if the students have opted for this subject fully. The other thing is, that the coding languages included in school courses are usually not the ones that will benefit your child in the future. All in all, there are many areas schools lack which could give your child a proper coding head start.

So, how good is learning coding for kids?

It goes without saying that in today’s digital world, learning coding for kids is indispensable. Here are some of the benefits of coding:

  • Kids get introduced to computational learning.

  • Kids get an understanding of logic.

  • It teaches them to be creative.

  • They learn to identify and solve problems.

  • They become more persistent.

UpBrainery fully supports kids learning coding from an early age and is playing its part by providing opportunities to kids to learn coding. An initiative that speaks volumes about UpBrainery’s efforts is materializing soon as a new partnership with one of the biggest coding app challenges in the states. UpBrainery is always up to support kids exploring the wonderful world of coding and discover its marvels, and we will do everything we can to make their coding experience a pleasant one.

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