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Our Team


Ghazal Qureshi

Founder - CEO

Ghazal Qureshi is a Pakistani immigrant CEO that found her passion in education almost 20 years ago. She attended The University of Houston and earned a degree in Computer Science.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to create a community for young minds to thrive in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) subjects. After time in the corporate world and realizing a need for STEAM principles in early education she founded IDEALab Kids, an international franchise education campus dedicated to providing STEAM services to children. 


In January 2020, she founded UpBrainery Technologies, which is revolutionizing and disrupting the concept of teaching and learning virtually at home, at school or at the office.  She has  built a technologically innovative education platform that marries the principles of interdisciplinary learning with social-emotional learning, through neuroscience-based content coupled with hands-on education kits and manipulatives. 


She believes diversity is pivotal in education and a social responsibility she takes seriously. Without distinct and diverse voices, a plethora of talent, ideas and revenue are being lost. She believes the lack of investment in marginalized and underrepresented groups is a huge  loss for educators, parents, and students. She feels diversity is more than a social justice issue and hopes to enable every parent to provide their child the opportunity to reach their potential.


Vernee Hines

Co-Founder - VP

As a black woman from Oakland California who grew up in public schools I understand the historical education biases students face daily. I co-founded UpBrainery Technologies, a technology ecosystem that's disrupting educational and classroom norms through the use of our proprietary technology. 

I am a STEAM Instructional Design professional with four years of experience in program development and management. 

I am a Houston Transplant that got here just as the massive tech boom exploded. I managed and produced a core of programs for an international education franchise. I was a first generation college student that has watched STEM education change my world, life trajectory and the world around me. I completely pivoted from my lifelong dream of attending med school and becoming a surgeon to follow my passion and my love for educating students. Because I deeply understand curriculum and the theory of education, I understand the biases marginalized students face every day and I co-founded UpBrainery with the goal of eliminating historical education biases, leveling the playing field for underrepresented students and providing a technology solution that reaches even the most disconnected student.

UpBrainery's proprietary AI driven tech ecosystem removes biases for ALL students and gives every student that joins a program, orders an educational kit, purchases or is gifted a service, or even simply browses our educational community a fun, fair, and enriched learning experience through our cutting edge proprietary technology solution

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