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UpBrainery's Interest Profiler

Our Interest Profiler tool provides a visual mapping of how various parts of the brain help with development and acquisition of certain key skills.  This helps both teachers and students gain a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive processes involved in skill development, enabling more effective and targeted approaches to education.


Ready To Transform Your Classroom?

How we benefit schools?

  • Career awareness amongst students so that they are able to make informed decisions about their future career

  • Higher Engagement Levels

  • Equip students with stronger brains empowering them to tackle challenges and excel in academic and real-world settings

  • Future-Ready Students by equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and self-awareness necessary for the rapidly evolving job market

UpSkill Your Brain

UpBrainery's Interest Profiler Offers:

  • Strength points for brain parts which offers personalized insights into cognitive abilities and preferences.

  • Strength points based on skills & subskills providing a detailed analysis to guide individuals in honing specific competencies

  • Student skills enhancement for specific careers aligned with their interests

  • Pathways and career suggestions aiding users in making informed decisions about their professional trajectories.

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