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Educational Support for Parents

The Pandemic has shifted the way employees work, research has shown that 73% of parents needed to make adjustments to their work schedule to manage childcare and work. All over the country, parents are increasingly overwhelmed and concerned about their kids falling behind. UpBrainery has developed an educational marketplace with resources to help parents Get Back on Track, Get Prepared and Get Ahead. It’s our Summer Brain Gain Program.

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One Less Worry:

Gives parents one less thing to worry about knowing their kids are excited and engaged in what they’re learning while they focus on work.

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Time to Focus:

When parents are less worried about their kids, they are more focused on work! UpBrainery  as a benefit helps parents be more productive at work.

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Inspiring Experiences:

With so many subjects and classes to choose from, kids can both discover new interests and dive deeper into their favorite ones.

How does our Summer Brain Gain Program Work?

For students from grades K–12, you can simply sponsor our Summer Brain Drain Program for your employees. They will receive safe, secure logins and unlimited access to the platform. *Virtual Tutoring and Brain Bins are extra.

What are the Benefits of our Summer Brain Gain and Tutoring Program?

Summer is the perfect time for students to catch up and get ahead with studies or explore electives. Our K-12 powered online summer tutoring sessions could be just what children need to prevent brain drain over the long summer vacation.

Get Back on Track:

Recovery lesson with core subjects.

Get Prepared:

For a succesful transition to the next school year.

Get Ahead:

In core subjects or other electives and subjects.