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Ghazal Qureshi

Mother |  Educational Thought Leader | Strategist

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What drives me each and every day

Providing an experiential journey for each student.

I began my career as a computer scientist with major corporations. Yet, my love for education, intertwined with my professional background and devotion to my children, propelled me into the realm of educational entrepreneurship. In 2011, I established an educational franchise, quickly elevating it to a top-tier national brand for afterschool programs. By 2019, I expanded its reach to 107 franchises across five countries before moving on.

In 2020, leveraging my expertise in technology and curriculum innovation, I founded UpBrainery Technologies. My aim: to address the gap in exploration of emerging skill-based career routes. My zeal for shaping the Future of Work revolves around equipping students with skills that directly translate into employable assets. Especially with AI's growing prominence, I am fervently committed to forging pathways for students, helping them understand how these evolving skills shape their future prospects.

A sought-after speaker, I frequently addresses topics surrounding use of AI in the educational space, the Future of Work and skill-based careers. She's passionate about guiding schools, students, and parents through the maze of emerging skill pathways.

Awards and Accomplishments

Entrepreneur Magazine: Top 200 Most Influential Women 2023

Forbes Magazine: 50 > 50 2023

Inc. Magazine: Top 100 Women 2022

Houston Business Journal: Women to Watch 2019


Recent Speaking Opportunities

  • STEM Conference (Abilene, June 2023)

  • Women In tech Summit (Chicago, June 2023)

  • Steam Academy Conference (Houston, June 2023)

  • Advancing Academic Conference (Austin, June 2023)

  • STEM Conference (Corpus Christi, July 2023)

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