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Data-Driven Platform  SmartInsights

UpBrainery revolutionizes education with powerful data analytics, offering educators an insightful lens into student progress, engagement, and personalized learning paths. From tracking session timelines to assessing gradebook mastery, UpBrainery ensures a dynamic, data-driven approach to unlock the full potential of every learner.


How we Benefit Schools?

  • Track student engagement: Gauge the level of involvement and interest students have in the learning materials, helping them tailor instructional strategies to enhance classroom participation and overall comprehension

  • Track student retention: Monitor how well students retain information over time, facilitating the identification of topics that may require additional reinforcement or alternative teaching methods

  • Students’ Heatmap: Visual representation of students' interaction with digital content, aiding educators in understanding the areas of focus and potential points of confusion, leading to more effective instructional design

  • Track speed at which students consume particular content: Offers insights into the pace at which students absorb information, allowing for the adjustment of lesson plans to accommodate different learning speeds

  • Student Courses & Pathways Analytics to measure effectiveness

  • Analyze data where students spend more time: Identify specific topics or learning materials that captivate students' interest, enabling teachers to emphasize and expand upon those areas


District & School Leadership Support

  • SmartInsight provides insights into the teaching and learning activities occurring within the organization, offering a nuanced understanding to drive informed decision-making

  • SmartInsight has a true early-warning system designed to flag students who may have learning problems later 

  • SmartInsight highlights areas of improvement of students

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