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Summer Recipes: Crafty Cupcakes

Learn to make scrumptious cupcakes in different flavors to tantalize your tastebuds and impress your friends.


Grade Level: 

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The Ultimate Learning Steal!

Skills You Will Gain

    Cooking Skills
    Innovative Skills
    Problem-solving Skills
    Management Skills

Learning Outcomes

1. Develop baking skills and knowledge of different cupcake recipes.
2. Understand how to create themed cupcakes for events.
3. Learn about food origins and the farm-to-table phenomenon.
4. Develop healthy eating habits and make connections between what they eat and where it comes from.

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Creativity Booster

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Career Exploration

Client Reviews

"Upbrainery's summer courses for kids are amazing! My child had a blast while learning valuable skills and knowledge." - Mae T.

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