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My Very First Business

In this course, you will learn the basics of what it takes to be your Boss! With your very own business.

Upper Elementary

Grade Level: 

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Skills You Will Gain

    Management Skills
    Communication Skills
    Decision Making
    Marketing skills

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn about the basics of business.
2. Learn about the concept of investment.
3. Learn about the concepts of Loss and Profit.
4. Learn about the factors of production.
5. Learn about the corporate social responsibility.
6. Learn about the types of business.
7. Learn about the concept of marketing.
8. Learn about the concept of packaging.

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Creativity Booster

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Career Exploration

Client Reviews

"Upbrainery's summer courses for kids are amazing! My child had a blast while learning valuable skills and knowledge." - Mae T.

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