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Getting Ready for Grade 3

Revisit concepts, and put forward your A-game in the upcoming school year. From math to science skills to get started.

Upper Elementary

Grade Level: 

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The Ultimate Learning Steal!

Skills You Will Gain

    Learning Skills
    Observational Skills
    Calculation skills
    Thinking Skills
    Reading Comprehension
    Writing Skills

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn problem-solving skills.
2. Learn multiplication and division.
3. Learn the basics of fractions and their application in mathematics.
4. Learn about shapes and their properties.
5. Improve reading comprehension and build vocabulary.
6. Learn about adjectives and nouns.
7. Learn about the different parts of speech.
8. Learn about prepositions and past simple tense.

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Creativity Booster

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Career Exploration

Client Reviews

"I was blown away by how much my child learned with Upbrainery's summer courses. The instructors were fantastic and kept my child engaged and interested throughout the entire course." - Emily M.

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