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Forensic Scientists: Jail Bake

Let's learn all about the chemistry of basic household elements, the goal is to flush out the real culprit.

Upper Elementary

Grade Level: 

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Skills You Will Gain

    Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
    Communication Skills
    Decision-Making Skills
    Time Management Skills
    Organizational Skills

Learning Outcomes

1. Find clues in a crime scene and solve mysteries.
2. Learn the relation of chemistry with Bake items.
3. Learn the Fascinating structure of forensic DNA.
5. Extraction of Strawberry DNA

IMG_0258 (4).png

Creativity Booster

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Career Exploration

Client Reviews

"I cannot recommend Upbrainery's summer courses enough. My child had a blast and learned so much. The instructors were fantastic and kept my child engaged and interested throughout the entire course. I was amazed at how much my child learned in such a short amount of time, and I can't wait to sign up for more courses in the future." - Ben T.

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