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  • Get Free access to step by step instructions on how to successfully build your own web or mobile app

  • Submit app by November 1st, 2021

  • Winners will be honored by Congress and have their app displayed at the U.S. Capitol for one year 

Thanks for submitting!


Introduction to Coding & Programming


Wiring Diagrams & Storyboarding 


Solutions Using Computer Science


Building in Swift Playground

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Guided Pathway on how to start as a beginner and end up as a Mobile App Designer

From printing "Hello World" in basic HTML to UI/UX designing and storyboarding.  We take you step by step through the process of creating and submitting your Mobile App

15 hours of instructions and design from start to finish

Congressional App Challenge: The Impact

*2020 showed us that the loss of access to resources was detrimental to students in getting access to computer science gateways

Between 2020 and 2029 IT jobs will increase 11%, higher than any other career. 

In 2022 at least 1 million computer programming related jobs will go unfilled. 

Congressional App Challenge is helping create the next generation of STEM workforce by introducing kids to Computer Science concepts early

As Easy as 1, 2, 3, Submit

Sign up and get access to all resources and instructions. Easy to follow pathway from Explorer to Expert


Follow Step by Step instructions take you from basic to advanced skills on how to create and code your App


Complete and submit your Mobile App and show the world the knowledge you've learned with UpBrainery


What is the Congressional App Challenge?

Hosted annually by members of the U.S House of Representatives to challenge students to

learn how to code by creating and submitting their own app. The winning app and students are put on display in the U.S Capitol for one year.

  • US Congress provides an opportunity to teach kids how to code

  • Each district hosts a local challenge for Middle and High School students.

  • Everyone is encouraged to submit a Mobile App.

  • Local winners are invited to attend in person in Washington, DC for the National Challenge.

Are the courses free of charge?

Yes, our courses are free of charge, we have partnered with The Congressional App Challenge team to help students learn to code & program in order to complete their app. All you have to do is sign up and start coding!

How Does UpBrainery Help?

  • Provides access to step by step resources, mentors and coaches

  • Don’t know where to start?  We provide an easy to follow guide map

  • Teachers - use the Pathway to help your students learn all about designing and coding an App.

  • Students - use the Pathway to work on your own App and have a chance to win a trip to Washington.

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