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With Charlie, the Spy Series, your child will explore the wonders of science, dive into mysteries, and discover their inner spy. It's the perfect recipe for fun and learning, all wrapped up in one exciting book series!


But Charlie, the Spy is more than just a book series; it's a tool for sparking your child's curiosity and imagination, and igniting a lifelong love of learning. With its engaging activities, fascinating science facts, and relatable protagonist, this series is sure to captivate your child and inspire them to reach for the stars.


Grab your books now!

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Charlie, The Spy Series

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100+ STEAM Downloadable Activities

Super Duper Science Facts

Kid’s Spy Gadgets


Skill-building Habits


Life-long Learning 


Gripping Spy Stories

Learn With Charlie

Basic Spy Techniques

Problem-solving Skills
Flexible and Quick-thinking

Learn Resilience

Explore the World of Ethics

Spy Books for Spy Kids

Charlie Wants to be A Spy

Ant Antics

Rainbow Roundup

Space Spy World

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