Steven M Rashba

English, College Applications, Foreign Language

Lafayette College, BA with honors in Economics and Business; MA TESOL (equiv) European-American University

Steven Rashba has over 20 years of experience as a professional educator, teacher and trainer teaching students at all levels.
Steven brings a lot of energy to the classroom, on ground or on line, and is always prepared and prides himself on the ability to find new and innovative ways to help his students master the material. Steven has taught English language (ESL) to real beginners and to masters degree candidates at a large regional university. He has the unique ability to make the complex simple and the simple exciting in order to reach each and every one of his students.
Steven is uniquely qualified to help a student new to the English language feel comfortable and like he/she is progressing while also effectively teaching research methods and other more technical topics to advanced language students.
Steven has also provided financial literacy training workshops and tutoring to domestic students at a local university and has a proven track record of success advising winning teams in the semi-annual Connecticut Stock Market Game competitions. Steven also has a keen eye for detail which he uses to help students edit their writing work.
Steven welcomes the opportunity to help all students meet their learning objectives.


Tel: +1 (832) 736-0707

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